Wednesday, September 9, 2009

“Smokey Bear & Woodsy Owl: Home Sweet Home”, is an area that teaches children about the human impact on our environment. For example, students and parents can manually generate electricity for small appliances, such as fans or light bulbs, by quickly turning a gear connected to a small generator.

(In the photo below) Outside a small display of a home, alternative insulation ideas are built into the siding. (Recycled denim in the left box; recycled newspaper on the right box.)

I truly appreciated and valued the environmentally friendly ideas & information (such as recycling & conservation) that were integrated into interactive displays. (See posting about water consumption, below.)


  1. I love that that last picture is also written in Spanish. Having visited the Discovery Science Center with my 2nd graders last semester, I saw how many students and parents could take advantage of having this available to them.

  2. I am glad that this museum if also teaching children about the impact that humans have on the environment and the ways in which we can help save it!