Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Debriefing students

To debrief students after we visit the science center, we will review one or two of the key concepts before we leave each themed exhibit (before moving onto the next area of the museum). Upon returning to school, we will also try to review a key concept from each of the areas of the museum, or have individual/teams of students share what they learned, or saw, where, and explain the concept behind the particular display or exhibit (during a class discussion & using individual learning logs).

1 comment:

  1. Having students share what they learned, saw, heard, touched, and even smelled at the Discovery Science Center is a must, I totally agree. This place is an amazing resource of hands-on activities and definitely is able to reach all students, regardless of what they are naturally drawn to. I love the idea of having them share what they saw, etc. as opposed to them being told about the exhibits that appealed to the teacher. This is, after all, about them and the learning that takes place there as well as the inspiration it sparks.